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Thanks to rboatright for all his hard work in getting these tutorial pages up and running. Without him, you'd likely have a much harder time coming aboard.

Logging into the new Baen's Bar for existing barflies

Below, we provide intermediate instructions for logging into the new Baen's Bar for existing barflies. If you want bare-bones instructions, visit the Bare Bones instructions page.

If you would like these instructions with pictures and arrows, visit the Graphic Instructions page.

We have gone to a good bit of work to make logging into the new Bar as easy as possible. Still, there is a process you must complete. Please do not be discouraged.

The new Bar has all your login details, username, signature, etc., but you have to complete the password reset process. We were unable to move your passwords from the old Bar to the new one. Once you have done this, you can set your password to anything you like (including your old password), you can sign up for emails, and - finally - you can use NNTP to read and post to the Bar.

So, let's begin by explaining the password reset process and getting you on the new Bar.

The process involves your receiving two emails. You will need to know the email that you used to register with the old Bar. If you don't know that email, have lost access to that email, or if this process fails to send you an email, contact Baen Support at and give him your old Bar login so he can help you get set up.

  • Visit (you've probably already done that if you're reading this. )

  • Click the "Login" link in the upper right corner.

  • Click the "Forgot Password" link to the right of the password.

  • Type in your email that you used to register on the old bar and press "Reset Password."

  • Close the browser tab or window of the Bar. Go to your email and wait for the password reset email.

Once you receive this email, click the link in it. This verifies that you want to complete the password reset.

It would have been nice if the page that appears had the message, "Yes, I see, you have verified your email and that you wanted a password reset." It doesn't. Instead, it shows you the login screen. You cannot yet log in. Remember, you must receive TWO emails. This was only one.

Let me say that again. You can't log in yet. Go back to your email and wait for the second email.

When the second email arrives, it has a TEMPORARY bar password in it. Go to the login page you were just at, put in your bar login ID and the temporary password. This should let you into the bar. If it doesn't, and you've carefully tried this twice, again, email who will help you.

  • Now, again in the upper-right corner of the screen, click the link labeled CONTROL PANEL.

  • In the upper-left corner, click "Account Settings"

  • About six lines down on the right, you will see a link "Change Password." Click it.

  • A popup window will appear. If it doesn't, you may have to allow popups.

  • Put in the temporary password you got in email two.

  • Put in your preferred password twice.

  • Click "GO"

Your password has now been changed.

  • Click "Home" in the far upper-right corner again. You should see all the Bar forums.

Now, you can go on to get email subscribed, or sign up for NNTP, but first, play around with the new bar and see how fast and neato it is.

What to do next?

Sign up for email

Use NNTP to access the bar

Additional Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

But most importantly, enjoy yourself!