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Getting on the new bar for existing barflies

The bare bones version

If you're not this geeky, feel free to go to the medium or detailed versions.

We have gone to a good bit of work to make getting on the new bar as easy as possible. Still, there is a process which you will have to go through. Please do not be discouraged.

The new bar has all your login details, your username, signature, etc, but you have to go through the process of doing a password reset. We were unable to move your passwords from the old bar to the new one. Once you have done this, you can set your password to anything you like, including your old password, you can sign up for emails, and - finally - you can use NNTP to read and post to the bar.

So, let's get started by going through the password reset and getting you on the new bar.

  • Visit (you've probably already done that if you're reading this. )
  • On the login page, Click the "Forgot Password" link and give your email.
  • You will get an email requesting you to confirm you want a password reset. Do that.
  • Wait for the second email. Use the password in the second email to log into the bar.
  • Now that you're on, you can set your password and preferences, and whatever else.

What to do next?

Sign up for email

Use NNTP to access the bar

Additional Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

But most important, enjoy yourself!